About Us


BaliRaja foods is the authentic Farmers' Market where you get agricultural produce directly from our farmers. There is no middleman between you and Farmer so you'll be getting pure and healthy food without any adulteration  — and better yet, at affordable prices! We’ve collaborated with the farmer community who sell their products at BaliRaja foods, and we’re happy to serve you on behalf of them.

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Why BaliRajafoods ?

Once in a life you need Doctor, Lawyer, preacher But everyday, three times a day, you need a FARMER........ save them!!!!!

As you know BHARAT is a krishi pradhan desh but since ages farmers are being exploited in many ways. The National Crime Record Bureau of India reported that a total 2,96,438 Indian farmers had committed suicide since 1995. Farmers are the only Producers who don't decide the prices like any other producers, and whatever rates they are being offered by middleman are not justified and fair enough to survive. So BaliRaja foods give what they deserve by providing market for them without any middleman.


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Our vision

Build an organization, which provides platform to increase the reach of farmers with society at large, who believes in getting pure and freshly yielded produce at their doorstep, "thereby achieving good health of society and farmers well-being".

Our Mission

Collaborated with farmers to offer their produce at valuable price, undertaken leadership to educate them adopting good cultivation processes and save on the cost by using modern techniques. Exhibit and promote farmers community before society at large so as to encourage them continuously serving with the pure, healthy and natural like organic foods.

Cherry Tomatoes at the Farmers Market


 🎯   To bring out farmers from agrarian crisis and give                    them livelihood.

 🎯    To assist farmers getting fair value for their produce.

 🎯    To save baliraja (farmer) from exploitation.

 🎯    To encourage farmers hardwork, endeavour and                      emotion with the crop.


 🎯    To serve the society at doorstep without struggle at                    competitive market price.

 🎯    To encourage farmers providing pure, healthy and                    natural like organic foods to the society.


🎯    Serve society with pure, healthy                  and natural like organic foods.            


🎯   Encourage the endeavour of farmers            and promote them continually                      offering ever best quality.


🎯   We respect the principle of gain                sharing.